I can’t believe that this Sunday, we had the last session of an amazing and memorable journey of three-month fellowship. I was a little upset because this wonderful journey is going to an end but I was also very energetic and excited to take the last session with both great facilitators and helpful members.

The Day of Flight Landing Came

A memorable day of my life is the day of February 22, 2021. That was the last session day of the Amal Career-Prep Fellowship. The day was full of emotions, happy, sad, and having fun. I can’t describe my feelings in words for the last Sunday.

We the whole batch 176 gave a surprise to our beloved and super-duper Facilitators Sir Hamza and Ma’am Huda by showing gratitude. I can’t explain the expressions of both Sir Hamza and Ma’am Huda even both have no words to describe their emotions. I never forget both of their smiling and happy faces. The fellows who were given this surprise also very happy and excited. I can’t describe my feelings of that moment even never forget it ever.

Our facilitators gave us a wonderful and funny activity in this last session which was Scavenger Hunt and our batch divided into two groups A and B. but suddenly I lost the net connection. When I joined the session again I was sent to the breakout room of group A where many amazing fellows there and 3 minutes left only. I examined all group activities quietly for around 1 minute and I realized we had 50 riddles to find objects in our home. One of our fellows told the riddle which was in my home that was related to birds cage. So I took the picture of finches cage quickly and upload it and the time was over. I learned through this funny activity was critical thinking, time management, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, and hurrah! we won this activity by mentioned the above skills.

I am very happy and thankful to Allah for this fantastic gift in the form of a wonderful, beautiful, strong, and long-lasting relationship with members of the Amal family within just 3 months, I feel little sorrow for ending this fellowship and having fun because we all were together in all sessions, encourage and provide a safe and comfortable environment for all of us to develop and grow ourselves in a better way. No one wants to leave that session in fact time was over but we still joined a wonderful session where we shared our happiest and funniest moments and a very long Gup-Shup.

The session didn’t end here, another special moment happened in the last session that was an amazing poem video given by a fellow that made us emotional about that we will not be attending the sessions onwards.

Our Super-duper Facilitators

Apples of One’s Eye

Sir Hamza and Ma’am Huda both are the apples of my eye.

Dear Sir Hamza! A respectable, humble, talented, skillful, kind-hearted, and admirable person for me. In the last session, after all the pestering, we didn’t listen to the song from you but we got a poem instead that was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I can’t forget it. Moreover, You always guided me, helped me whenever I needed it even sometimes I used to annoy you about PW’s and asked you a lot of questions for PW’s but you always solved my queries humbly and politely, and this act removes my hesitation in asking any question to you. How to deal with all sessions energetically and always provided a positive, friendly, and learning environment for us. You are the super-duper great facilitator. I love you so much, Sir. I always remember your cute and innocent smile and your soft voice. Stay connected Sir.

Dear Ma’am Huda! A cutie, loveable, respectable, humble, admirable, kind-hearted, talented person for me. In the last session, finally, you sang a song and your voice was amazing. Moreover, you always listened to my queries and tried to solve them. I always remember the one-on-one session with you which was very helpful and encouraging me. It was decided for a half-hour but it was going too long about 1 and half an hour but was a very nice session and it was near to my heart. You provide us a positive and friendly environment for us and your feedbacks always encouraged me and build more confidence. You are a super-duper and a great facilitator too. I love you so much, Ma’am. I always remember your cute voice and your lovely smile and stay connected Ma’am.

Dear Fellows! of my Amal Batch family! You all are helpful, cooperative, energetic, positive thinkers, and great-minded people. I always learned a lot from all of you; your life stories, your hardships e.t.c. You all create a positive environment and always gave me constructive feedback, motivate, and encouraged me. I always remember to all of you this journey comes to an end but our strong bond will never end. We have decided that we’ll stay connected by conducting monthly meetups.

“A Journey of Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.”

I didn’t realize I am heartily attached to this Amal Fellowship journey. I feel new energy and creativity in myself just in three-months. I’m more confident, more passionate, more hard worker, more positive thinker, developed, and improved many skills and how to show gratitude. I miss online sessions, PW’s, megaproject, DIY, one-on-one sessions, online session activities, completing PW’s last night before the deadline such a wonderful, amazing, and life-long experience of my life.

Taking Flight🕊

“Every indelible journey has an end but every end of the indelible journey is a new and a fascinating beginning”

I learned from the last session, this wonderful flight has landed but in reality, it’s the new beginning of other challenging flights for which we prepared ourselves through this three-month Amal Fellowship learning Flight. Now it’s time to take another wonderful and adventurous flight.